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Time: 1:46:4

Earnings: $2,667,563

Sire: Tintin In America

Dam: Bagdarin

By Stallion: Live Or Die

Lyons Sentinel

Time: 1:48

Earnings: $2,300,000

Sire: Captaintreacherous

Dam Tutu Hanover

By Stallion: Western Ideal

Western Silk
(passed 03/2024)

Time: 1:50.1s

Earnings: $1,729,708

Sire: Western Terror

Dam: Extemporaneous

By Stallion: Jenna's Beach Boy

Plunge Blue Chip

Time: 1:49.4

Earnings: $1,596,841

Sire: Muscle Mass

Dam: Dunk The Donato

By Stallion: Donato Hanover

Amazing Dream

Time: 1:50.3

Earnings: $1,915,082

Sire: Bettor's Delight

Dam Christian Dreamer

By Stallion: Christian Cullen

Custom Cantab

Time: 1:52f

Earnings: $1,036,153

Sire: Mr Cantab

Dam: Custom Model

By Stallion: Tagliabue


Time: 1:51

Earnings: $955,540

Sire Explosive Matter

Dam: Phaeton

By Stallion: Angus Hall


Time: 1:53s

Earnings: $863,257

Sire: Credit Winner

Dam: Vida De Vie

By Stallion: Muscles Yankee

Peaky Sneaky

Time: 1:48

Earnings: $803,201

Sire: Bettor's Delight

Dam: World Of Rock

By Stallion: Rocknroll Hanover

Uffizi Hanover

Time: 1:50.3

Earnings: $767,744

Sire: Well Said

Dam: Up Front Dragonfly

By Stallion: Dragon Again

Captain Cowgirl

Time: 1:49.3f

Earnings: $599,787

Sire: Captaintreacherous

Dam: Rideintothesunset

By Stallion: Western Hanover

Flawless Country

Time: 1:53

Earnings: $567,819

Sire: Southwind Frank

Dam: Aleah Hanover

By Stallion: Donato Hanover

Seaswift Joy N

Time: BT 1:48.1

Earnings: $556,000

Sire: Bettor's Delight

Dam: Swift Belle

By Stallion: Christian Cullen

Soho Burning Love A

Time: BT 1:48.1

Earnings: $551,758

Sire: Auckland Reactor

Dam: Soho Bordeaux

By Stallion: Western Terror

Bettor Joy N

Time: BT 1:49.2s

Earnings: $522,309

Sire Bettor's Delight

Dam: Joyfulbelle

By Stallion: Road Machine


Time: 1:53.3s

Earnings: $491,771

Sire: Muscle Mass

Dam: I Am Special

By Stallion: Angus Hall

Carlas Pixel A

Time: 1:49.5

Earnings: $481,128

Sire: Courage Under Fire

Dam: Pixel Perfect

By Stallion: Art Major

Splash Blue Chip

Time: 1:51.4

Earnings: $474,623

Sire: E L Titan

Dam: Dunk The Donato

By Stallion: Donato Hanover

Whispering Oaks

Time: BT 1:52.4

Earnings: $306,744

Sire: Father Patrick

Dam: Vintage Oaks

By Stallion: Muscles Yankee

May Karp

Time: BT 1:51

Earnings: $281,408

Sire: Cantab Hall

Dam: Evermore

By Stallion: Deweycheatumnhowe

Spoiled Princess

Time: 1:51.1

Earnings: $268,031

Sire: Trixton

Dam: Fashion Spooner

By Stallion: Broadway Hall

Cash Infusion

Time: 1:51.4s

Earnings: $260,682

Sire: Chapter Seven

Dam: Swing Anna Cash

By Stallion: Cash Hall

Little Pink Lies

Time: BT 1:52.4f

Earnings: $232,367

Sire: Chapter Seven

Dam: To The Question

By Stallion: Credit Winner

A Perfect Helen

Time: 1:54.2f

Earnings: $187,530

Sire: Father Patrick

Dam: Asixpakfromperfect

By Stallion: Windsond's Legacy

If The Shoe Fits

Time: 1:55.2

Earnings: $128,238

Sire: Father Patrick

Dam: Fancy Colors

By Stallion: Donato Hanover

Dragons Tale

Time: 1:52.2f

Earnings: $63,739

Sire: Dragon Again

Dam: Born Story Teller

By Stallion: Badlands Hanover


Time: 1:55.1f

Earnings: $47,877

Sire: McArdle

Dam: Lisbella

By Stallion: Camluck

ID Diana NO



Sire: Andover Hall

Dam: Irene's Lucky Lady

By Stallion: Winky's Pine

Inspired To Go



Sire: Chapter Seven

Dam: Inspired Society

By Stallion: Self Possessed




Sire: Bettor's Delight

Dam: Armbro Tussle

By Stallion: Abercrombie

Superfreak S



Sire: Muscle Hill

Dam: Moonlight Cocktail

By Stallion: Kadabra

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